RemTech 2012

October 17-19, 2012
Fairmont Banff Springs

RemTech 2005 Presentations
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Environmental Management

  • Well Blowout in Acheson Alberta, Emergency Response and Environmental Management - Presentation
    Michelle Cotton, B.Sc., P.Ag., Solstice Canada Corp., Edmonton, AB
    Paul Kelly, B.Sc., P.Chem, Acclaim Energy, Calgary, AB

  • Technological Solutions for Erosion Control and Water Clarification Using Polyacrylamide (PAM) and PAM Blends - Presentation - Paper
    William Gowdy, Clear Flow Consulting, Sherwood Park, AB
    Steven Iwinski, Applied Polymer Systems Inc., Florida, USA

Alberta Environment Updates

  • Update on Environmental Site Assessment Requirements at Drilling Waste Sites - Presentation
    Gordon Dinwoodie, Alberta Environment

  • Update on Alberta Environment Contaminated Sites Initiatives - Presentation
    Mike Zemanek, Alberta Environment

Soil & Groundwater Remediation through the Program of Energy Research & Development at Environment Canada

  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation through the Program of Energy Research and Development at Environment Canada - Presentation
    Paul Bacchus, Environment Canada, Ottawa, ON

  • Research on Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater in Cold Climates: Limitations or Opportunities? - Presentation
    Dale VanStempvoort, M.Sc. Geol., Ph.D. E.Sc., National Waster Research Institute, Environment Canada

  • Biobarriers in Fractured Bedrock: Effects of BTEX on Biofilm Structure and Activities - Presentation
    Dr. Nathalie Ross, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

  • Sorption Of An Oilsands Naphthenic Acid Mixture To Soils & Implications For Transport In Groundwater And Aquatic Toxicity - Presentation
    Arash Janfada, University of Saskatchewan - Department of Civil & Geological Engineering

Hydrocarbon and Salt Contamination

  • Soil Remediation in Coarse Gravelly Soils: Challenges and Lessons Learned - Presentation - Paper
    Michael L. Brewster, M.Sc., P.Geol, and Jennifer M. Durden, B.Sc., EIT, Komex International, Calgary, AB

  • Case Study - Gasoline Spill Remediation Soil Vapour Extraction System - Prince George, BC - Presentation - Paper
    Liliana Jerade, M.Eng., Jacques Whitford, Vancouver, BC

  • Research Relative to Land Application of Diesel Invert Drilling Wastes - Presentation - Paper
    T.M. Macyk, Alberta Research Council Inc., Edmonton, AB

  • Remediation of a Former Sour Gas Plant in Central Alberta - Presentation - Paper
    Candice Berezan, B.Sc., and Steve Taylor, P.Geol., Biogenie S.R.D.C., Calgary, AB

  • Engineered Soil Cover for Management of Salt Impacted Sites - Presentation - Paper
    Doug Sweeney, SEACOR Environmental, Edmonton, AB
    David Tratch, M.Sc., P.Eng., Watermark Consulting Ltd.

  • An Integrated Onsite Approach to the Management of Remedial Efforts at a Hydrocarbon and Salt Affected Site - Presentation
    Michael S. Wood, M.En.Sc., R.P.F. EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.,Calgary, AB

  • Please Hold the Salt - Presentation - Paper
    Reed Jackson, B.Sc., AMEC Earth & Environmental, Calgary, AB

  • Remediation and Revegetation of Tar Sands Composite Tailings Containing Naphthenic Acids and High Salt Using Alder-Frankia Symbionts - Presentation - Paper
    Charles Greer, National Research Council, Ottawa, ON


  • Characterization of a Diesel-Contaminated Fractured Rock Aquifer and Development of a Nutrient-Flushing Remediation Technique - Presentation
    Michael Brown, M.Sc., P.Geol. Komex International Ltd., Calgary, AB

  • The Use of In-Situ Electrokinetics to Remediate Salt Impacted Soil and Groundwater - Presentation
    Anjum Mullick, M.Sc., P.Eng., and Stuart Torr, M.Sc., EIT, Komex International Ltd., Edmonton, AB

  • Remediation Process Optimization: The New Paradigm for Enhanced and Cost-Effective In-Situ Site Remediation - Presentation
    Gordon H. Bures, M.Eng., P.Eng, Frac Rite Environmental Ltd., Calgary, AB

  • In-Situ Biological Percolating System for the Treatment of Hydrocarbon Impacted Groundwater - Presentation
    M. Jillian Mitton, P.Eng., Golder Associates Ltd., Calgary, AB
    Brian Pimblett, P.Eng., Canadian National Railway Company

  • Technical and Economic Feasibility of Soil Flushing with Non-Ionic Surfactant to Remediate Gas Well Condensate - Presentation
    Paul R. Morton, P.Geol. EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Edmonton, AB

  • An Investigation on Remediation of Transformer Oil (TO) Contaminated Soil by Chemical Oxidation Using Hydrogen Peroxide - Presentation
    Yanjun (James) Chang, M.Sc., University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • Comparison of Biological Fouling Control Methods for an In-Situ Chlorinated Solvents Bioremediation System - Presentation - Paper
    Bert Buell, M.Sc. URS Corporation, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

  • Installation and Monitoring of the Waterloo Emitter - Presentation - Paper
    Doug Sweeney, M.Sc., P.Eng., and Ian Young, C.Tech, SEACOR Environmental, Edmonton, AB


  • Successful LNAPL Removal Using Air Sparge/Soil Vapour Extraction Technology - Presentation - Paper
    Lynda Smithard, P.Eng. and Jamie Natusch, P.Eng., URS, Vancouver, BC

  • Investigation and Remediation Strategies for a DNAPL Impacted Site in Stratified Soils - Presentation - Paper
    Christopher Reiss, B.Sc. Env., SEACOR Environmental, Toronto, ON

  • Remediation of Deep LNAPL from Glacial Soils Using High Vacuum Multiphase Extraction (MPE), Pneumatic Air Lift (PAL), and Pneumatic Fracturing (PF) - Presentation - Paper
    David J. Cushman, P.Eng., P.E., CHMM, CEA, EMS-LA, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Windsor, ON

  • Innovative Multiphase Extraction Design - Operating above the Upper Flammability Limit - Presentation
    Stuart M.Torr M.Eng. E.I.T and Sean Kelly, M.Sc., P.Eng., Komex International Ltd, Calgary, AB

  • Integrated Remediation Approach at a Former Chemical Blending Facility: Excavation, Dual-Phase Extraction and Site-Specific Risk Assessment - Presentation
    Michelle S. Wright, M.Sc., P.Eng., Aqua Terre Solutions Inc., Calgary, AB

    Tony Knafla, M.Sc., DABT, Equillibrium Environmental Inc.

  • Installation of a Dual Phase Extraction System in a Residential Neighbourhood - Presentation - Paper
    Scott Johnston, B.Sc., and Gary Winthrop, C.E.T., SEACOR Environmental, Calgary, AB

Natural Attenuation / Other

  • Evaluation of Denitrification as a Natural Attenuation Mechanism in a Nitrate-Contaminated Aquifer - Presentation - Paper
    Trevor Butterfield, M.Sc. and Mark Trudell, Ph.D., P.Geol., Komex International Ltd., Edmonton, AB

  • Comparison of Sampling Methodologies and Variability Assessment Related to Monitored Natural Attenuation - Presentation
    James Armstrong, B.A.Sc, Komex International Ltd., Calgary, AB

    Kevin Biggar, Ph.D., University of Alberta

  • Techniques Used to Evaluate Potential LNAPL Mobility - Presentation - Paper
    David Fursevich, M.Sc., Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.

Containment / Stabilization

  • Development of Waste Forms for the Hanford Brines Basin 42 Waste Water, Waste Treatment Plant Secondary Wastes and Bulk Vitrification Secondary Waste - Presentation - Paper
    Dr. Michael Silsbee, RJ LeeGroup, Inc., Monroeville, PA, USA

  • Development of a Cast Stone Formulation for Hanford Tank Wastes - Presentation - Paper
    Dr. Boyd Clark, RJ LeeGroup, Inc., Monroeville, PA, USA

  • Solidification / Stabilization Treatment Technology for Remediation of Canadian Sites - Presentation
    Charles M. Wilk, LEHP, QEP, Portland Cement Association, Skokie, IL, USA
    Collin Dickson CD, P.Eng., Cement Association of Canada, Halifax, NS

  • Bioreactor Landfills - An Innovative Technology for Biostabilization of Municipal Solid Waste - Presentation - Paper
    Nandana Perera, M.Sc., P.Eng., Stantec Consulting Ltd., Calgary, AB


  • Thermal Remediation of Tar-contaminated Soil and Oil-contaminated Gravel - Presentation - Paper
    Jinsheng Wang, CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC), Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON

  • Sulfolane Impacted Soil and Groundwater Treatability Study - Presentation - Paper
    Vladimir Agatonovic, P. Geol., CCEP, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Calgary, AB

  • Thermal Desorption Remediation in Relation to LandfilI Disposal at Isolated Sites in Northern Alberta - Presentation - Paper
    Brian MacKinnon, P.Geol., Thurber Engineering Ltd., Edmonton, AB

Commercial Situations and Site Assessments

  • An Integrated Site Assessment Approach for a Proposed Real Estate Transaction at a PCE Impacted Drycleaner Site - Presentation - Paper
    B.J. Min, M.Eng., P. Eng. and G. Clyde, P.Biol., Jacques Whitford, Calgary, AB

  • Drilling Sump Restoration in Santa Maria Valey, California - Presentation - Paper
    Julie Doane-Allmon, URS Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

    Heather Boyd, ConocoPhillips Company, Houston, TX, USA

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Pilot Program - Presentation
    Mark Brostrom, P. Eng. and Dave Lapp, City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB

Unique and Challenging Locations

  • Pyramid Mountain Diesel Full Storage Site Remediation - Presentation - Paper
    Masten Brolsma, P.Eng. and Courtney Sandau, Ph.D., P.Chem, Jacques Whitford, Calgary, AB

  • Soil Remediation of a Former Power Plant Site in Tulita, Northwest Territories - Presentation - Paper
    Guillaume Bedard, Biogenie S.R.D.C., Calgary, AB

  • Remediation of Coal Waste Pile in Union Bay, B.C. - Presentation - Paper
    Ian Mitchell, M.Sc., P.Geo., and Tara Siemens, MET, SEACOR Environmental, Vancouver, BC

Membrane Technology

  • Advanced Thin Film Geomembrane Technology for Biocell Liners and Covers - Presentation - Paper
    Dave Martin, P.Eng., Layfield Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics, Edmonton, AB

  • Barrier Walls - Which Type and Why? - Presentation
    Stephen G. Custeau, P.Eng, MBA, Quantum Remediation Inc., Burnaby, BC

  • Nanoshpere Reactive Oxides for Environmental Remediation - Presentation - Paper
    Dr. Allen Apblett, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA


  • Forensic Identification of Gasoline Samples - Presentation - Paper
    D.A. Birkholz, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Enviro - Test Laboratories, Calgary, AB

  • Implement Environmentally Sound Technology Through Benchmarking And Verification - Presentation - Paper
    John Neate, ETV Canada. Mississauga, ON

  • Can Analytical Methods Predict Bioavailability? - Presentation - Paper
    Chris Swyngedouw, Ph.D., P.Chem., MCIC, CCEP, Norwest Labs, Calgary, AB


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